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Why Affirmations Work

I have researched this sales technique called “affirmations.” I studied many books to understand how this magic works. I learned that affirmations are short sentences that you say out loud, telling the Universe what you want. I realized that the words you say and how you say them are of the utmost importance. Louise Hay was one of the first authors that I read regarding this subject. Her books You Can Heal Your Life and Heal Your Body had a huge impact on me. I realized from her work that I was definitely on the right track.


The Energy of Affirmations and Visualizations

When I delved into the Real Estate world I realized that there were many seminars offered to our industry. Motivational speakers to help grow your Real Estate business. There were financial planners to assist you when you made the big bucks, organizers to assist you, technology gurus to show you the latest and greatest, the… Continue reading The Energy of Affirmations and Visualizations


The Energy we Put Out is the Energy the Universe Returns to Us

Do you pray? Most of us do pray I think. Allot of people tell me they only pray when something bad happens. And then they feel guilty because they have only called on Spirit when times are tough or as a last resort. But that is ok, Spirit does hear you when you pray and loves you regardless.  Sometimes… Continue reading The Energy we Put Out is the Energy the Universe Returns to Us