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Rocks and the Energy They Hold

My utmost fascination has always been with the energy of crystals. Their healing energies have been utilized for thousands of years. I am sure the healing energy is what most of us pick up on intuitively. Many cultures such as the Tibetan monks, the Druid priests and the Native Americans have used crystals for healing purposes and for their sacred ceremonies. Quartz crystals can do so much for you without you even realizing it. The ancient rocks are a silent power source energizing many things on earth without receiving the recognition they deserve.

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FYI God Hears Your Prayers

I am shocked by the latest headlines insinuating that praying to our creator for peace and a stop to the recent violence is not working. Of course prayer works! The words that you speak have specific vibrations that are sent out into the Universe along with the feeling and intention that they possess. The creator… Continue reading FYI God Hears Your Prayers