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A Simpler Summer

Summer has arrived, bringing us warm sunny days to spend any way we choose. This is the time of year when we go outside and enjoy events such as swimming, boating, beaching it, golfing, tennis, baseball and more.  What do you want your summer to be like this year? Where would you like to go?… Continue reading A Simpler Summer

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The Energy of the Moon

The moon has always intrigued me. I feel that the moon’s energy is completely underrated. People rarely go outside to sit under the silvery moon like they used to. I feel that television, movies, video games, and the Internet have contributed enormously to keeping us inside at nighttime. You rarely hear people comment on how… Continue reading The Energy of the Moon

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How Energy Affects Your Everyday Life

Many of us are intuitive, myself included. I am able to feel the energy of most people upon our first encounter. Everyone’s different. Some of us have high energy levels, vibrating at a higher frequency, while others remain at a lower frequency, mellow and more constant. Some people have such positive energy that they are… Continue reading How Energy Affects Your Everyday Life

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Have we forgotten The Meaning of Christmas

As we come upon the Christmas season I wonder how many people really remember why we have this Holiday. We are rushing around buying gifts and decorating for the biggest gift giving events of the year. To retailers this is the biggest shopping days of the entire season. The stores are going full force advertising… Continue reading Have we forgotten The Meaning of Christmas

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How to Manifest What You Want

     Manifestation is easier that most people realize. I was fortunate to have a wonderful teacher when I first learned the process. She would say to me. “Just draw it In, use your energy to attract what you are searching for and hold this intention with unwavering faith.” This is true. We all have… Continue reading How to Manifest What You Want

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Does Diet & Exercise Effect the Ageing Process?

I am a true believer in having a healthy diet and doing some sort of daily exercise. This is not always easy to accomplish. I can remember going to the gym at 6:00 am to get 30 minutes of cardio in before I met with my trainer. Then going home to eat oatmeal with nuts and 2% milk… Continue reading Does Diet & Exercise Effect the Ageing Process?

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Giving Thanks

Do you give thanks everyday? I always make a conscious effort to give thanks to God, the Universe. I have not always done this. I am much less shallow than I used to be. I think the awareness came over time. I have really made it a regiment to give Thanks. The turning point for… Continue reading Giving Thanks