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A Simpler Summer

Summer has arrived, bringing us warm sunny days to spend any way we choose. This is the time of year when we go outside and enjoy events such as swimming, boating, beaching it, golfing, tennis, baseball and more.  What do you want your summer to be like this year? Where would you like to go?… Continue reading A Simpler Summer

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How Energy Affects Your Everyday Life

Many of us are intuitive, myself included. I am able to feel the energy of most people upon our first encounter. Everyone’s different. Some of us have high energy levels, vibrating at a higher frequency, while others remain at a lower frequency, mellow and more constant. Some people have such positive energy that they are… Continue reading How Energy Affects Your Everyday Life

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The Gift of Essential Oils and Their Healing Power

As we approach the Holiday Season many of us are reminded of the Biblical story of the three wise men and the gifts they bestowed upon the baby Jesus. The gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were presented to the Christ child. The three kings celebrated Christ’s birth by presenting the most valued of gifts… Continue reading The Gift of Essential Oils and Their Healing Power

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Giving Thanks

Do you give thanks everyday? I always make a conscious effort to give thanks to God, the Universe. I have not always done this. I am much less shallow than I used to be. I think the awareness came over time. I have really made it a regiment to give Thanks. The turning point for… Continue reading Giving Thanks