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A Simpler Summer

Summer has arrived, bringing us warm sunny days to spend any way we choose. This is the time of year when we go outside and enjoy events such as swimming, boating, beaching it, golfing, tennis, baseball and more.  What do you want your summer to be like this year? Where would you like to go?… Continue reading A Simpler Summer

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Rocks and the Energy They Hold

My utmost fascination has always been with the energy of crystals. Their healing energies have been utilized for thousands of years. I am sure the healing energy is what most of us pick up on intuitively. Many cultures such as the Tibetan monks, the Druid priests and the Native Americans have used crystals for healing purposes and for their sacred ceremonies. Quartz crystals can do so much for you without you even realizing it. The ancient rocks are a silent power source energizing many things on earth without receiving the recognition they deserve.

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How to Manifest What You Want

     Manifestation is easier that most people realize. I was fortunate to have a wonderful teacher when I first learned the process. She would say to me. “Just draw it In, use your energy to attract what you are searching for and hold this intention with unwavering faith.” This is true. We all have… Continue reading How to Manifest What You Want

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Giving Thanks

Do you give thanks everyday? I always make a conscious effort to give thanks to God, the Universe. I have not always done this. I am much less shallow than I used to be. I think the awareness came over time. I have really made it a regiment to give Thanks. The turning point for… Continue reading Giving Thanks

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“Faith Works”

Faith has been a hard lesson for me to learn. I am sure it is difficult for most people to achieve. I think as long as you learn to have faith, real faith, then you have accomplished allot in your time here on the planet. What is faith? Real faith? Unwavering faith? Is it when… Continue reading “Faith Works”