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Why Affirmations Work

I have researched this sales technique called “affirmations.” I studied many books to understand how this magic works. I learned that affirmations are short sentences that you say out loud, telling the Universe what you want. I realized that the words you say and how you say them are of the utmost importance. Louise Hay was one of the first authors that I read regarding this subject. Her books You Can Heal Your Life and Heal Your Body had a huge impact on me. I realized from her work that I was definitely on the right track.

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How Energy Affects Your Everyday Life

Many of us are intuitive, myself included. I am able to feel the energy of most people upon our first encounter. Everyone’s different. Some of us have high energy levels, vibrating at a higher frequency, while others remain at a lower frequency, mellow and more constant. Some people have such positive energy that they are… Continue reading How Energy Affects Your Everyday Life

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Release old Energy with Massage & Music

  Another way to remove the old energy that gets in our muscles and bones is massage. Having a massage will do wonders for your body, mind and spirit. I believe that having a massage once a month should be mandatory for all human beings. When we get stressed out our muscles tend to tense… Continue reading Release old Energy with Massage & Music

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How the Energy Fields Affect Your Health

If you are not acquainted with the Chakras, the word Chakra originates from the Indian language meaning wheel or disk. These are the seven energy centers in our bodies that are spinning with energy. When one or more of your Chakras are out of balance, this means your energy fields are out of balance. When… Continue reading How the Energy Fields Affect Your Health

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Rocks and the Energy They Hold

My utmost fascination has always been with the energy of crystals. Their healing energies have been utilized for thousands of years. I am sure the healing energy is what most of us pick up on intuitively. Many cultures such as the Tibetan monks, the Druid priests and the Native Americans have used crystals for healing purposes and for their sacred ceremonies. Quartz crystals can do so much for you without you even realizing it. The ancient rocks are a silent power source energizing many things on earth without receiving the recognition they deserve.

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Have we forgotten The Meaning of Christmas

As we come upon the Christmas season I wonder how many people really remember why we have this Holiday. We are rushing around buying gifts and decorating for the biggest gift giving events of the year. To retailers this is the biggest shopping days of the entire season. The stores are going full force advertising… Continue reading Have we forgotten The Meaning of Christmas

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FYI Your Not Intitled

My husband and I were out to a restaurant for lunch the other day. While we were waiting for the waitress to take our order, I could not help hear the man in the booth behind me talking to his wife. He sounded a bit frustrated. He was telling his wife that the youth today feel… Continue reading FYI Your Not Intitled