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A Simpler Summer

Summer has arrived, bringing us warm sunny days to spend any way we choose. This is the time of year when we go outside and enjoy events such as swimming, boating, beaching it, golfing, tennis, baseball and more.  What do you want your summer to be like this year? Where would you like to go? Or would you rather stay at home with your feet propped up and relax?

Often the simpler days of summer are the most unforgettable. Lazy days when you don’t have to get out of bed at any time and can lay there listening to the sounds of the morning. There’s something about sipping a  cold glass of iced tea on a hot summer afternoon with nowhere to be.

Many of us are rushing to our planned summer destination, bigger and better than last year, but maybe we should just stop! Breathe and look and around. When you slow down to a lazy summer pace you begin to capture a glimpse of a time forgotten. A simpler time when kids played with other kids on their street and folks waived at each other as they passed by.

It is true that life is more complicated these days and people aren’t as friendly as they once were, but you can be part of the change in thinking. A new mindset that brings the good and friendly way back into our lives. What if you stayed home this year and celebrated summer in your own neighborhood? Your kids may not think it’s too exciting at first but if you portray the experience as interesting and fun, your loved ones may experience the best summer of their lives! There is so much to do in the summertime in your own neighborhood and so many people to meet. There are many interesting and knowledgeable people in your own neighborhood that would enjoy meeting you. You never know when you may be needed or by chance need a friend.

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Take a walk first thing in thing in the morning, listen to the sounds of the new day, enjoy the morning dew.
  2. Find the local Ice-cream or Frozen Yogurt Shop and patronize it often.
  3. Ride your bike, preferably with a friend.
  4. Don’t heat up the kitchen- Barbecue often!
  5. Sit outside at night with the moon and the stars.
  6. Take in a matinée at the local theatre.
  7. Find your community pool and swim!
  8. Visit your local park or favorite spot and have a picnic.
  9. Go to the Drive in Theatre, (if you are lucky enough to have one)
  10. Sit in the lounge chair, hammock or under a tree and read a good book.
  11. Go to your local library and browse for new interesting reads.
  12. Check out your local farmers market for fresh vegetables and fruit.
  13. Create a Vision Board of what you want to achieve in the next six months, Business/Pleasure.
  14. Plant a small garden and watch it grow. (an herb garden in the window)
  15. Eat watermelon often and attend the local county/state fair.

It is not about the destination when you take a summer vacation, it’s about who you are with. The most memorable times in life are often the simpler times spent with family and friends sitting around sharing stories. It doesn’t matter where you are this summer, wherever you end up you can create the best summer ever for you and yours.

-Nancy Yearout







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