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Find Love on Valentine’s Day

With Valentines Day right around the corner, red hearts are popping up at all the stores along with chocolate candies, cards, and stuffed animals. I must confess to you that there was a time when I hated the heart boxes and all the” Be My Valentine” hoopla.
You see at the time I was single and wrapped up in my work. The Whole stressful thought of being alone on the Love Holiday or not receiving any flowers at work was a bit over whelming. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had my share of flowers, candy and serenades show up at the work place. The truth is, I was not feeling real sweet at this time in my life. Sometimes we all can get bitter when we don’t have love in our lives.
To be honest I had not learned about the energy of love or the lack of it. I learned my lesson about nine years ago when a little man came into my life. I had forgotten what real love was all about until a little baby was born, my grandson. It did not take long after his arrival for my heart to fill up with joy.
He reminded me that we all need people in our lives who bring us joy when their around. Their presence makes a difference in our heart and soul and can change our lives. This small child showed me that It’s the love for each other that keep us going on the tough days in this world.
I began to realize that I felt happy again. This little boy brought the joy and love back into my life. People noticed the difference in me. This is when I understood that because I had love back in my life, I too was giving off the love vibration.
When I had love in my life again I oozed of it and met the man of my dreams. He was looking for love also and apparently our love vibrations matched! Only love, true love, the love energy, fulfills the human soul completely.

The Lesson: if you are looking for love in your life, give off the love vibration and you will attract love back.
If you don’t have a significant other to celebrate on Love Day, celebrate the love you have for your friends, a coworker, your neighbors, a family member! Love day is all about us remembering that love and the vibrations that accompanies this energy, is all we need to be happy. When you bring love into your life, true love, you are fulfilled on the inside and everything on the outside becomes better.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Nancy E. Yearout



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