The Entitlement Mindset

We have the Power to Change it

     There has been yearning in my heart and soul for quite some time to write these words to help others.  God always pushes you to proceed when you are procrastinating, he gives us little signs. Our creator is always nudging us to fulfill our destiny. The final sign for me came on Memorial weekend this year. I have been shown many things but this was my final aha moment.

I was driving home to our lake house for the memorial weekend holiday. We had a caravan traveling to our lake home with my husband leading the pack. He had two jet skis in tow, me behind him and my daughter and two grandkids bringing up the rear. My husband stopped at our favorite barbecue spot to grab dinner, we continued on.

The lake was busy as we entered the gates. Many people were visiting the water on this three day weekend.  Our small caravan went through the gates and proceeded down the hill.  We immediately needed to pull to the side as a police car and ambulance with sirens blaring were speeding up the hill. I thought to myself,” I have not seen this place this busy since the 4th of July”! The place was buzzing with the sound of boats on the water, kids playing and music blaring in all directions.  As I drove down to and entered the circular drive that surrounds the small lake.  I could see many families were picnicking and celebrating the day. I could smell the aroma of hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill as I drove. I thought what a festive atmosphere this is.

At first I did not notice how slowly the car in front of me was driving as the speed limit is 30 mph and as slow as 20mph in some spots. There was a white convertible in front of me with the top down and a young man at the wheel. I thought he was traveling slowly to avoid the two golf carts in front of him. Then I looked a bit closer and realized he had his arm outstretched with his phone in his hand. He was filming the lake as he drove, or maybe a selfie as he swerved to each side of the road.  I imagined he would speed up when the golf carts pulled to the shoulder to let him pass. But no, he continued to crawl along below the speed limit with cell phone in hand filming all the while. I realized that he did not care that there were cars behind him. I believe he thinks he is entitled!

It was as if he was the only one on the road. He must be special. I was able to go around him but my daughter had some difficulty as he continued to swerve in her lane. She said, “I could not believe he was holding up traffic while filming the lake. He was not so nice when she passed him, he seemed irritated at her!

Where did this idea that some of us are special and do not have to follow the rules? This is obviously learned behaver. The questions is where did he learn this entitlement mindset?

How did we get to this point in our society where everyone has the “me first” attitude?  Unfortunately I have witnessed this behavior while shopping in stores, at the movie theatre, attending concerts, out to dinner, at the baseball game, and now at the lake on a holiday.

Some folks have the opinion that they are actually better that the next guy or gal and that they deserve to be number one. This is classic narcissistic behavior.

Apparently some of us have the mindset that if we have more money or are dressed a bit better, or maybe we drive a newer vehicle than the other person, that we are superior beings.  Unfortunately we have become a “me society”. We don’t put others first, we put ourselves first!  Many people today have the entitlement mind set.

Some of us have forgotten that we all come into this life naked and with nothing and we exit the same way. You cannot not take all of the material wealth and your social popularity with you, or your Facebook friends for that matter.

The spiritual being that is inside of all of us is the true self.  It is who you really are. We are not the outside shell that you see when you look in the mirror. The real you is made up of energy from our creator. We are light energy.

Sometime over the past fifty years or so, our society have become focused on material things, such as the body and the ego, not the soul.  My belief is that we all have come here to learn lessons that will grow our souls.  We are not here today to win an outside beauty contest. We are here to win an inside beauty contest.

Have you ever met a person that was such a beautiful soul on the inside that you hardly noticed their looks? I know I have. Being kind to another person makes a huge difference when you interact with others. There are so many ego’s as I go out into the world and watch TV, I wonder if they know that they are hurting themselves with this inflated opinion of themselves? It has become cool to be egotistical. This is so sad to watch as folks with inflated egos are hurting themselves without realizing it.

I was reading the book of James from the Bible and found it so interesting when he writes about, two kinds of Wisdom. I want to share with you what he says;

NIV- Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. 14 But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. 15 Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. 16 For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.

        Wow! That really brings it to the forefront. Deeds done in humility. I believe James was telling us to do for others without expecting anything in return. He was expressing how important it is to Love your fellow man and to take care of each other in his writings. We should do good things for one another, not get to the front of the line as fast as you can. The karma associated with this entitlement behavior can be irreversible.

Maybe we need to be reminded that we all have an expiration date and are only present on this planet for a short period of time. What we do with this precious life determines what happens to our soul in the next dimension. Our energy moves on when our bodies die and wither away.

I have heard people comment that this mind set occurred because the family unit has been broken up. I do agree that you learn many important values from your parents, grandparents and older siblings. But after you reach the legal age of eighteen, you are old enough to understanding what is right and wrong.  Many of us have had issues in their childhood and into our teens but God gave every one of us a brain and I know he expects us to use it.      Is it television and the internet that has changed our mind set? Is this the dark side shoving this in our face so that we forget our spiritual selves?

-Nancy Yearout

More to come in new book coming soon; The Entitlement Mind Set

And how can we change it?










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