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Release the Old Energy with Massage



Massage Therapy

Another way to remove the old energy that gets in our muscles and bones is with massage. Having a massage will do wonders for your body, mind, and spirit. I believe that having a massage once a month should be mandatory for all human beings. When we get stressed out, our muscles tend to tense up. Our whole body is full of stressed-out energy. You may say, I’m not that stressed out, I don’t need a mas- sage. You would be surprised that most often you do. We are souls living in these shells called bodies, and we need to keep our energy flowing. Stress in the body with no release causes blockages in your energy fields. We all experience a certain level of stress in our lives every day whether we ask for it or not. Having a massage releases a lot of that stored- up old energy that gets in your bones, muscles, and tissue.

Releasing this energy releases the stress and negativity. As a result you are a more relaxed and happy soul when your mas- sage is complete.

I am usually a little lightheaded when I leave my massage, as the body needs to re-balance itself. The massage therapist will instruct you to drink plenty of water after a massage. This will prevent you from feeling dizzy. The lightheadedness comes from the release of toxic energy from your body.

I      am often concerned about where the negative energy has gone. My hope is that all experienced massage therapists know how to clear themselves. Please be careful if you are massaging a friend or a partner: you don’t want to take on all their stuff, their energy. Make sure you clear yourself after you massage someone.

Here’s a funny story: After having a stressful day, my husband came home from work with negative energy attached to him. I was so anxious to give him a massage to release his stress that I did not protect myself. I took on all of his stuff. As a result I became cranky and irritable. He was fine, happy- go-lucky. We both laughed when we realized what had happened. It was apparent that I took on his negative energy. This has happened to me more than once as I just wasn’t paying enough attention. I am more aware of how the Universal Energy operates and make sure I protect my energy field. You need to be able to clear yourself of any negative energy that you may have taken on while working on someone. Visualize protection around yourself before you give a massage, and take a sea-salt bath in the evening to clear your energy before bed. If you are like most people, you will be sore after getting a massage, but after a day or two, you will feel like a new per- son. It’s as if you have been cleansed.

I want to add that when you book your session, there are different types of massages for various ailments that may be offered. Consider your options before booking your appointment. You may want a sports massage if you work out often, or something more subtle and soothing to relax. Many spas have wonderful couple’s massages that are fun. The bottom line is you need to do this for yourself. Having a massage on a regular basis will help balance your mental and physical well- being. It will also help your relationship if you both get massages on a regular basis. You are just a better person after the old energy is released from your body.

You can read more about Universal Energy and how it effects your health and your life’s path in my new book;  Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking to You

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