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How Energy Affects Your Everyday Life

Many of us are intuitive, myself included. I am able to feel the energy of most people upon our first encounter. Everyone’s different. Some of us have high energy levels, vibrating at a higher frequency, while others remain at a lower frequency, mellow and more constant. Some people have such positive energy that they are similar to bright lights that shine. When you look at them, you can actually see the light in their eyes. The light comes from God and shines from within. It’s amazing how you can feel this joyful positive energy emanating from someone when you first meet them.
On the other side of the spectrum, negative energy can be felt very harshly in people, too. Negative energy will cause much havoc in our lives when we are exposed to it. Negative energy holds just as much power as positive energy does and should be recognized equally. For example, have you ever encountered a person whom you were just not comfortable being around? Maybe you felt uneasy or apprehensive when you were in the same room. You were experiencing their negative energy field. Let me be clear: there are evil people in this world, and they hold an abundant amount of negative dark energy. These people are oftentimes called “Energy Vampires.” They are not able to produce their own light energy, so they steal yours. Energy Vampires can be charming on the outside but negative on the inside. They disguise themselves well, as a chameleon would do. For example, you may encounter a new person at a party, and after coming into contact with them, you feel drained of your energy. You may even become nauseated. Another scenario is that a friend may be going through a breakup or difficult time in their life and they come to you for support. When they leave, they are fine, and you are drained of your positive energy; they have stolen your good energy for themselves. In most cases this is not done intentionally—folks do not realize that they are doing this to you. This is, however, an Energy Vampire. Often the people who are the closest to you will drain your energy field without your ever realizing that they are doing it. It is up to each of us to be aware of the people that surround us. We should be aware of the people we associate with on a daily basis, because they have an effect on our energy field.
Have you ever visited a place where you just did not feel comfortable? Did it make you so uneasy that you chose not to stay in that place or return there? The place holds negative energy in its space, and your intuition has picked up on the frequency of the energy. Possibly, angry people lived there or a violent death occurred at that location. The negative energy remains etched in that space, and the events are imprinted there for all time. This has been known to happen on old battlefields. The old energy of the battle remains on the grounds. The energy is imprinted on the land where the fighting and killing took place. You can feel this energy when you walk the land. The same is true when you experience positive energy. When you walk into a room and it feels good, you want to stay there; your intuition kicks in and says, “I am comfortable here.” The place makes you smile and is one where you feel joyful and want to return. You are experiencing positive energy. Good vibes, as people often say.

Before I realized that God had orchestrated the Universe in this manner, I was under the delusion that I held the power to determine what occurred around me. I believed that I was smart enough to control everything in my world. I learned after many trials and much error that we are not in control of anything. Our Creator is. That was a real wake-up call for me, especially since I was such a control freak. What I have come to realize is that energy and how it affects our everyday life seems to go unnoticed by most of us. I think, as a society, we have not been taught to recognize that positive and negative energy exist, let alone the fact that energy has a huge impact on our everyday existence. I have been fortunate to learn about Universal Energy and the effects it has on us. Once I began to recognize this fact, I became aware that I could change my life for the better. What I have learned is that energy is power. This power is here for us to use. Whether we use it for good or for evil is entirely up to us.

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