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Create Your New Year with Good Energy

As another year comes to a close, we begin to think about what’s ahead for the New Year. Many of us make it an annual practice to write down our goals. I find a quiet space on New Year’s Day and settle in. I write down what I want to achieve in the coming year. I have learned that the act of writing down your goals gives them energy and the ink makes them stick!

After writing your goals put them where you can look at them throughout the year. Put them on your vison board/ bulletin board for example. It is important that you do not forget about your goals. Stay on track. When you see your goals daily you are able to focus your energy on them. This is the key to achieving what you want. You have to know in your heart and soul that you will achieve your goals.      You also have to see yourself achieving them and most importantly you have to know what it feels like to already have achieved them. If you cannot see yourself and feel yourself receiving your desires you will not receive them. It the energy that gives your desires power! This is how the Universal Energy flows.

It is important to remember that if you do not receive your wish it’s the Universe saying that this is not the best thing for you at this time and that there may be something better for you to come.

As you make your list think long and hard about what you want to achieve. You give the goals energy as you write them, so be careful what you wish for. Energy is powerful. Passed experience has proven that the goals that I focused my energy on were achieved. This may be a new concept for you so I will explain how this works.

The Universe is set up in such a way that whatever energy you send out will be returned to you. This energy comes from your words, your thoughts and from what’s truly within your soul. Whatever you think, whatever you say and whatever you feel becomes your reality. This is how our creator set it up.

We hold the ability to create how we want our lives. Most people are not aware of this. The Universal Energy is here for our use and it’s free! You have the canvas, paint the picture you desire.

This energy is meant to benefit us through our lives. This concept is not new. People have been talking about positive energy and saying positive affirmations for a long time. However they did not expand upon the idea. If affirmations work then the vibrations of good thoughts and positive visualizations work in the same manner. The energy that you project and believe creates your world.

We have the ability to create and project whatever vibrations we choose. We possess the free will to project positive energy vibrations or negative energy vibrations out into the world. We can use this power for good or for evil.

The concept is very simple; whatever vibration you project determines the energy that will be returned to you. Some people may say this is karma. I believe it is how the Universal Energy was set up by our creator to keep things in check.

What I have witnessed over time is that when a person is mean or malicious to another person, that mean malicious energy is returned to the giver tenfold. It bounces back to them. I have never see it go any other way. The Universal Energy is giving them what they requested. They don’t understand how the energy flows. When people realize that this is how the Universal Energy works there will be less malicious acts as the giver will understand that he or she will inevitably become the receiver.

We have a choice to project good energy in all aspects of our lives, personal and business. All of us as the collective possess the ability to raise the vibration not only for ourselves but for the planet. We actually have the ability to change the energy all around us. Reflecting back, it always surprises me to see that I achieved the year’s goals and much more.


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May this be a blessed and prosperous New Year for all!


Nancy E Yearout

Spiritual Life Coach








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