The Energy of the Planets

As a child growing up on a farm it seemed we were able to see millions of stars clearly. The light pollution of the modern world had not yet reached our country home. My sister’s and I would gaze up in the sky and search for the first star to come into view. We would recite the wishing poem as soon as we spotted the first star:

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight.”

The stars are a welcome reminder of my child hood living in the country. When you are away from the city there is less light pollution, you have the opportunity to see millions of stars shining brightly across the sky. There are approximately 400 billion stars in the galaxy and 500 billion galaxies in the Universe.
The study of Astronomy has been around before biblical times and continues on today. Here is a scripture that I want to share with you mentioning three constellations.

Job 9: 10
He is the maker of the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations of the south. He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.

     Stars hold cosmic energy. They produce heat, light, ultraviolet rays, x–rays and other forms of radiation. Some stars hold more energy than others, they shine the brightest. When you look at a star in the sky it’s as if you are looking back in time. As the light from the stars has taken millions of years to reach us here on earth, it’s as if you are seeing them as they were then.

      Astronomy, one of the oldest sciences, was studied by Galileo. He was the first to view the heavens through a telescope. Before the telescope people would observe the motion of objects with the naked eye. Now we have the Hubble Telescope to bring us into full view of the stars, distant galaxies and nebulae. 

The study of Astrology uses the position of the planets and their motions to figure out the effects they have on us here on earth. The position of the planets when you’re born is connected to your personality traits. These relationships are mathematically based and include the sun and the moon. This is where your horoscope comes into play. I began reading my horoscope when I was a teenager, although it was not until I was older that I understood how the planet’s energy affect our everyday lives. It seems that the placement of the planets when you were born has a great deal to do with your life path. It is already written for you by God. The planets energy keep you on the right course.
I have been fortunate to meet many intuitive people along my journey. Every one of them has spoken to me about how the planets energy affects our lives. One planet that we hear about often is Mercury. When the planet Mercury goes retrograde its energy affects many aspects of our lives. Mercury goes retrograde 3–4 times a year. So what happens when Mercury is in retrograde? It is a time to review and revise your life. Mercury rules how we think. During this time you do not want to sign any contracts if you can help it. You should expect delays so don’t travel unless you have to. Your electronics will go on the blink and cause you issues. There are usually phone issues, computer issues, anything to do with communication. And please don’t get married during a Mercury retrograde if you can help it. Chances are you will likely be doing it over. We actually become more right brained oriented at this time Spiritual. You will notice things during this time that you had overlooked before. You will be forced to re–evaluate, re–invent, reform. You have to redo. Communication especially over the internet will be compromised. You will wonder what happened to that email, is it in cyber space? Yes, during mercury retrograde you will have this happen. You can look up the dates of mercury retrograde for the year and attempt to plan around them or at least be aware when the phenomenon is occurring. When you start to pay attention to the planets you will recognize the pattern and may plan your events accordingly. Often you have to stay on schedule and cannot change an important date. If that’s the case it’s how the Universe wants it to be.


Nancy Yearout

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