What if You Could Start This Life Over?

If a Genie came along and said,”I am going to give you the opportunity  to start over and relive this life again”,  would you do it?

To make the scenario more interesting; let’s assume that when you begin the do over you know what you know now.  Meaning, that you have the knowledge of your former life. Would you want to live it again? 

      After some thought I concluded that I  would not want to relive the lessons that I have learned and go through that whole process again. I believe if you knew the lessons already it would change the course of your history. The children you have now  may not be the same if you did it differently.  The spouse you have now could be another person,  you might live in a whole different area of the country, or of the world.

     On the other side of the spectrum you would be ahead of the game. You would know what to expect as time passed and life could be much easier for you to navigate through. But would the experiences you have be mundane since you have already lived something similar before?  Where would the element of surprise be in your new life scenario? There would be no surprises as you would know how things were basically going to go and you would have to make a real effort to alter the outcome. And would the Universe allow you to alter your life?

Maybe life makes a bit more sense when you think of this scenario. Everyday is a new day with a new opportunity. You have the ability to make it however you choose. You paint your own picture, design your own destiny with the choices that you make. The element of surprise is what makes life interesting and exciting. You never know what is going to happen every day or who you will meet, or what you will accomplish. Maybe this is why our creator set the Universe up in this manner. To keep all of  us guessing.


Nancy Yearout

do over




2 thoughts on “What if You Could Start This Life Over?

  1. I know I use to wish that I could do it over, with the knowledge I have now I woukd truly do it different. But we dont get to do life again, being saved we do a brand new life in which we have an Advocate.

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