How to Stop Worrying

I am intrigued with a book that I have been reading about how to stop worrying. I picked it up at an old book warehouse in Rockport Texas. This hard cover book that I paid $1.00 for was written in 1944 By Dale Carnegie. Yes, the same Dale Carnegie that wrote ” How to wind friends and Influence People”.

He has included numerous heart felt stories from people of that day and how they learned to stopped worrying. As you read each persons life story  you begin to realize that there is no reason for anyone to worry. They all learned some early on and some later in life that worrying got them no where and caused much havoc in their lives until they learned how not too. He said to instead do a good deed for another person everyday. When you are busy helping others you will not have time to worry about yourself and life will fall into place. Your worries will disappear.

He talks about the adverse health issue that occur when we worry. He discusses the energy that goes out into the world when you worry and its affects. As he tells the stories of events that occurred in peoples lives that made them realize that worrying did not get them anywhere you begin to realize that you should count your blessings everyday for what you have in your life, not for what don’t have in your life.

The doctors interviewed in the book explain that when you get angry and try to get even with someone that the anger hurts you physically by causing high blood pressure, heart trouble, stomach ulcers, and many other ailments. The doctors that he worked with said that high blood pressure was caused by resentment!

Carnegie talks about how Jesus said to “Love your enemies”. he explains that Jesus was  teaching us good ethics, and how to  keep our bodies healthy and vibrant.

There are many profound quotes from the book. Here are a few I want to share with you:

Every day is a new day to a wise person”

“Count your blessings not your troubles”

“Think ans act cheerful and you will feel cheerful”

“For it is in the mind we see, and in the mind we live, whether we know it or not”

“Prayer like radium is a source of luminous, self-generating energy” 

The book is still in print today and the lessons still apply: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, By Dale Carnegie

This book reminds me quite a bit about what I talk about in the book; Wake Up! The Universe is Speaking to You. (available online at Barnes&Noble.com.  http://bit.ly/1Qji8lx. I explain how to use energy to your advantage and how negative energy can cause all kinds of disruption in your life and illness in the body. It seems the message has not changed after all this time.


Nancy Yearout

Visit my website to check out my YouTube Series on How to Use Universal Energy Create the life that  you desire. http://www.spiritualadvisernancy.com



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