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The Entitlement Mindset

     At what point did a majority of our youth, college students and beyond begin to have the mind set that they are entitled?  The mindset that they don’t need to work and make their own way, because their parents will pay their way for them no matter what?
 At what point did our children have the understanding that what is yours is theirs?
       I don’t know about you but I have worked super hard in my life and the material items that I have accumulated along the way can be shared but not had. At what point did our children become so ungrateful and have such a sense of entitlement? The mind set that they deserve the best just because of who they think they are. What happened to working hard to achieve your goals on your own. The sense of accomplishment when you have made your own way? Have we neglected to teach our youth these things? Is this our fault?
    The majority of grown children today think that  their parents possessions are  possessions  too. Where did this mind set come from?  Have we opened Pandora’s box to wide for our kids and now we cant get it shut?
     I believe the entitlement mindset began years ago as parents wanted  their children to have more than they did; which is very honorable. However as a result of this behavior, this has become an issue for many people in today’s society. Parents are working harder and longer hours. As a result, they are gone more often and the kids do not have the parental guidance present to teach important lessons like hard work, gratitude  and respect. The parents are at work trying to provide all of the many things that the children are asking for and believe they need. This scenario seems to be a vicious circle.  As a result of parents wanting to provide the best for their kids, they are working longer hours to give their kids more because the kids think they deserve it and the parents want to make them happy. At what point do we realize that we are doing a disservice to our kids and to ourselves as we are not teaching correct principles and values. When will the youth of today learn that hard work is the only way to positive results.
      Unfortunately I know of many young adults that have milked their college years as long as they could as their parents were too busy to notice. They were stretching out the free partying years in college and they got away with it! Not what will they try to get away with in the real world in the work place? ( I had no idea this was happening, make kids hipped me after they were out of school, that they had many friends who stayed in college just to continue the free ride).
     Dale Carnegie says ” Why should children be thankful- unless we train them to be? Ingratitude is natural like weeds. Gratitude is like a rose. It has to be fed and watered and cultivated and protected.
 In Shakespeare King Lear, the King cries out; “Turn all her mother’s pains and benefits
To laughter and contempt, that she may feel—
That she may feel
How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is
To have a thankless child.—Away, away!”
The modern day version:
Let it be a wicked child who mocks the mother who cares for it. Make my daughter feel—make her feel how an ungrateful child hurts worse than a snakebite.—Now let’s leave. Go!
     If we can recognize what is happening in our society and realize that when you give too much to a person you are actually disabling that person. You are actually crippling them and preventing them from growing up and becoming  a responsible grown up.
Everyone has to make their own decisions good or bad. As in all aspects of life lessons are learned as mistakes are made. All young adults have to learn to stand on their own two feet in life to grow and become responsible grownups with integrity in our society.
     My hope is that this pattern of entitlement is recognized by our society and will change for the better for new generations to come.
God Bless,
Nancy Yearout
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