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Concerts and Cell Phones a Problem?

My husband and I went to an awesome rock concert this fall. We had purchased 4th row seats and were so excited to see our favorite band up close and personal. The concert was held at an outdoor amphitheater and it was sold out so the place was just mobbed. I of course stuck my I phone 7  into my back pocket and away we went. We stopped to go the bath room along the way that must have been when I dropped it. We get all the way into the concert and I realize that I don’t have my phone and I realize now that I have dropped it out of my back pocket along the way. It had to have been when we stopped to talk to friends at their car or when I stopped to go the restroom. I  could not believe it! I wanted to take pictures and share them with all of my friends on Facebook, Instagram and the world!

I had to get over it and just enjoy the show. The band came out and the crowd roared! I was so excited to be so close to the stage and see all of the band members. My husband and I were having a great time when I turned around and looked behind me. To my amazement  I saw  hundreds of people snapping pictures with their cell phones. While I was actually enjoying the music and singing along with the band the crowd was taking pictures of the band and each other. WOW! what an eye opener for me. They were not really watching the concert! The crowd was focused on their phone and that great picture they were taking to post on Facebook or Instagram.

When the concert was over we retraced our steps and I actually found my I phone 7. Can you believe it! The lesson for me was that I was glad I did not have the phone with me at the concert.  I enjoyed the show more with my husband (who does not have a smart phone by choice) than if I was taking pictures. The pictures of that Rock concert are etched in my memory forever as it should be.

God Bless

Nancy Yearout








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