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Everyday Uses of Essential Oils

The essential oils have been around for thousands of years. I have found that the awareness of the oils therapeutic properties have become more and more popular as people realize  the healing properties of these oils really work! I want to share with you some everyday uses of the oils that will be beneficial to you.

  • Tea Tree Oil; The Aborigines have used this oil for centuries. They used the indigenous trees leaves from Australia in many medications. Use can the oil on your scalp, just mix with water and put in a spray bottle and apply. Tea Tree is wonderful in the laundry, put 5/6 drops in with detergent and the close will be disinfected.
  • Wintergreen is used for rheumatism, arthritis, gout and bone pain. This is a very strong oil and should be diluted. You can use PanAway for any aches or joint pane. I use it for my tight neck pains as it relieves my tension immediately. Try it! It is made by Young Living. Its a combination of oils; wintergreen, helichrysum,clove and peppermint. They are 100% pure grade.
  • Its nice to have a bottle of Lavender on hand. This oil is perfect for bug bite, cuts, burns, wounds, sores, acne, inflammation and more.  Lavender is wonderful for emotional balance, your nervous system and your skin and hair. Lavenderc can be used topically if you have a cut or a bug bite. It is wonderful diffused in your bedroom at night time to help you sleep. Put several drops in your bath water and soak for 30 minutes and relax. You will feel like a new person.
  • Eucalyptus is revitalizing, invigorating and clarifying. This oil is also great for the laundry to disinfect. Eucalyptus is used for skin issues such as acne. It is also wonderful for the respiratory system, so if you have a cold put several drops in your diffuse.
  • Frankincense is a favorite for many reasons.  When you wear this oil often it will  elevates your vibration and it smells great too. Its not only great for your emotional balance it is good for your immune system. I love the face creams that contain the oil from the Boswellia tree. The properties contained in Frankincense are perfect for younger looking skin. It makes sense as this precious oil seems to have a re-set function. It can tell the cell what the right DNA code should be. You can purchase 100% pure grade Frankincense oil and mix it with a carrier oil such as shea butter coco to dilute.

The quickest absorbing places to apply the oils on the body are the feet, behind your ears and on your wrists.

Enjoy the essential oils as I believe they were put here for our use to heal ourselves naturally.


Nancy Yearout

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