Although much has been written about angels throughout time we don’t seem to acknowledge their presence. They are mentioned nearly 300 times throughout the Bible. Archangel Michael and Rafael are mentioned by name. There are many documented accounts of angels’ existence throughout history. Numerous paintings have been created depicting many different Angelic beings.  I believe that we all have a Guardian Angel that helps us with our life’s challenges. My feeling is that your Guardian Angel is with you when you are born and is present when your body dies to assist your soul to heaven.

Angels have always been very near and dear to my heart. When I was a little girl my parents dressed me up like an angel for the Halloween parade in our little town in Ohio. I had large expansive wings and a sparkling golden halo above my head. (My father could do wonders with coat hangers.) I was the winner of the contest. I can recall thinking how cool it would be to be an angel and fly around assisting people, protecting them and performing good deeds. Now I know that’s exactly what they do. I do know that you have to ask for their help, as we have free will. Although, as many people have learned they can prevent a catastrophe by being to ones side in a second. My belief is that they are here to assist us through our lifetime.

Psalm 91:11

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

I don’t recall when I realized that I could ask the angels for their help but when I did it seemed that they were always ready to assist me. This may be a new concept for you so try to be open minded.  When you ask for their assistance with pure intent they help you every time. It’s truly amazing. I have many stories about angels and how I came to believe.  Here’s a cute one. My husband and I landed in Detroit Metropolitan Airport late one evening. We caught the shuttle to pick up our rental car.  As soon as we hopped onto the shuttle with about 25 other people the driver told us that our rental company was out of cars and they were taking us to another rental company. Everyone just looked at each other and sighed. We soon arrived at the building and stepped to the back of the lengthy line. I said to my husband, “It will be ok, we will get a car.” I told him, “I asked the angels for help under my breath when we got in line.” He has faith but in times like this he just looks at me. You know with that weird look like, are you kidding me? After about forty minutes it was our turn. The girl at the counter was so nice to us, she said, “We are out of vehicles.” Then she looked at us and said, “I have actually found an SUV for you to drive.” The vehicle is at a better rate than you had originally booked and an upgrade too. We paid her and thanked her profusely. As we left the counter I noticed her name tag, it read: Angel. (These things happen to me all the time.) I think they mess with me a little just to see if I am paying attention.

Have a blessed day

Nancy Yearout


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