It’s all about the Christmas Cookies

As I finally sit down between the cookie baking I thought I would take a moment and commend all of the men and women who bakes cookies, candies and cakes for Christmas. Let me begin by saying that this is hard work! more so than I had realized.  I bake cookies every year for my parents, sisters and a couple guys that my husband works with that don’t often receive fresh baked goods.

This year I volunteered to make cookies for our twelve sponsored meals on wheels families in our community. I was excited to bake cookies and candy as it gives me an opportunity to give back to our little Lake community. I began baking a few days ago only to realize how much time and back ache goes into this task. My goodness I am up to my neck in powdered sugar and butter for goodness sake. And everything else has had to be put on hold while  I whip the butter and add the flour. But the rewards are great. My Dad loves the cookies that I bring him every year and my husbands eyes light up over the dates ones and the snowballs. The reaction makes me smile and joyful! All of the hard work is worth every minute of the toil.  That is what Christmas is; giving to someone you love joyfully to make them feel special and loved!

Received a call from my husband a moment ago telling me how much the guys at work loved the cookies and how much they appreciated the thought.

Now that’s what its all about.

Merry Christmas


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