Although much has been written about angels throughout time we don’t seem to acknowledge their presence. They are mentioned nearly 300 times throughout the Bible. Archangel Michael and Rafael are mentioned by name. There are many documented accounts of angels’ existence throughout history. Numerous paintings have been created depicting many different Angelic beings. I believe that we all have a Guardian Angel that helps us with our life’s challenges. My feeling is that your Guardian Angel is with you when you are born and is present when your body dies to assist your soul to heaven. Angels have always been very near and dear to my heart. When I was a little girl my parents dressed me up like an angel for the Halloween parade in our little town in Ohio. I had large expansive wings and a sparkling golden halo above my head. (My father could do wonders with coat hangers.) I was the winner of the contest. I can recall thinking how cool it would be to be an angel and fly around assisting people, protecting them and performing good deeds. Now I know that’s exactly what they do. I do know that you have to ask for their help, as we have free will. Although, as many people have learned they can prevent a catastrophe by being to ones side in a second. My belief is that they are here to assist us through our lifetime.
Psalm 91: 11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.
     I don’t recall when I realized that I could ask the angels for their help but when I did it seemed that they were always ready to assist me. This may be a new concept for you so try to be open minded. When you ask for their assistance with pure intent they help you every time. It’s truly amazing. I have many stories about angels and how I came to believe. Here’s a cute one. My husband and I landed in Detroit Metropolitan Airport late one evening. We caught the shuttle to pick up our rental car. As soon as we hopped onto the shuttle with about 25 other people the driver told us that our rental company was out of cars and they were taking us to another rental company. Everyone just looked at each other and sighed. We soon arrived at the building and stepped to the back of the lengthy line. I said to my husband, “It will be ok, we will get a car.” I told him, “I asked the angels for help under my breath when we got in line.” He has faith but in times like this he just looks at me. You know with that weird look like, are you kidding me? After about forty minutes it was our turn. The girl at the counter was so nice to us, she said, “We are out of vehicles.” Then she looked at us and said, “I have actually found an SUV for you to drive.” The vehicle is at a better rate than you had originally booked and an upgrade too. We paid her and thanked her profusely. As we left the counter I noticed her name tag, it read: Angel. (These things happen to me all the time.) I think they mess with me a little just to see if I am paying attention.

    Here is a true family story. My niece Holly was in a terrible car accident when she was about eighteen years old. It was a serious accident and she was airlifted to the hospital as her condition was critical. She went through numerous surgeries on her legs. She said that she was in horrific pain but conscious. She told me that she kept seeing someone standing in her hospital room out of the corner of her eye but when she would turn her head to look at who it was they had gone. At first she thought it was the medication, but it continued throughout her long stay and numerous operations in the hospital. When she mentioned this to her mother, my sister turned white as a ghost and said, “I have seen the figure too”. They felt that it had to be an angel watching over her in her time of need. Holly told me recently that she had gone to visit her father in-law in the hospital as he was very ill. While she was sitting with him he mentioned that he kept seeing this figure out of the corner of his eye in his room. Holly looked at and him and explained,” I am sure it is an angel watching over you as they did me when I was very ill.” She said that he immediately understood.  

     You can communicate with angels like you communicate with God. I feel that the angels are God’s helpers. They are ready to assist us when we call on them. You can speak to the Angels as you would a friend. We can ask for their assistance when we need it. Please remember the request has to be for your highest good as well as anyone else involved. The angels will help with even the smallest things. If you are late for work, ask that the angels get you there on time. I have done this for years and it always works; I began to realize that they may be able to manipulate time. I request that they watch over my children when I feel they need guidance and support. I will call on them and ask that they watch over myself and my husband in our travels, as they are God’s helpers. The key is to just ask. Do not be afraid or think that your request is not important. All requests are heard and answered. Maybe not always in your time frame, but in God’s.

     Some years back I found myself lost in a large city. I was driving the direction that I thought was correct but had become turned around. It was late at night and I was alone. I had flown into the airport and, as I drove away, there was a detour on the highway. I was lost and started to panic, I was afraid. This incident happened before every car was equipped with a GPS system. Finally out of pure desperation, I said out loud, “angels I need your help, get me out of here please!” Within a few seconds I was on the road that I was looking for. I know they guided me there. Angels will take on different forms in order to assist you in life. This I know has happened to me a couple times that I am aware of. When my kids were little I worked many hours as a single mom. I would pick up the girls from their after school program, cook dinner, deal with homework, give bathes and send them off to bed. I was often exhausted at the end of the work day. One evening I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch after putting the girls to bed. I was not aware that I had forgotten to lock my front door. This was not like me at all. Suddenly I was awoken by a very loud pounding on the front door. Startled by the loud banging, I jumped up and quickly answered it. There was an older lady standing there with piercing blue eyes. I wasn’t completely awake so and I am not even sure what she said to me, wrong home or something to that effect. I do remember however that she had the strangest look in her piercing blue eyes, like lock your door girlfriend. It was the most bizarre thing. I locked and bolted the door behind her and wondered who that was. Then I thought, someone wanted to make sure we were safe and for me to lock the front door. Thinking back, I realized she must have been an angel looking after us, as I never saw this woman again.
Hebrews 13: 2 Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.
     Have you ever had someone show up to help you out of the blue and then they were gone, never to be seen again? This has happened to me and others that I have spoken to. I was leaving work late one cold and snowy evening. As I was pulling out my office parking lot on to the main road my car got stuck in the snow. My car was halfway in the road and halfway in the parking lot. Now what was I going to do? Suddenly out of nowhere a young man appeared. He just showed up. I mean he came out of nowhere in the middle of the snowstorm and pushed my car out of the snow drift. He was tall and thin with a short haircut. He wore a black over coat and leather gloves to match. After he pushed me out I turned to thank him and he was already gone just as quickly as he had appeared. Angels are always with you and available to help you when you need them. You just need to make a request and believe. It’s important to acknowledge the help they give to you and always thank them. Gratitude is very important energy and the Angels love gratitude too. I am extremely fond of Archangel Michael. He is the warrior Angel according to the Bible. I always say I am a warrior because I have hung in there through good times and bad and I still have a good fighting spirit. This is why I can relate to him.
Revelation 12: 7-9 reads; Then war broke out in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil or Satan, who leads the world astray. He was hurled to the earth and his angels with him.
This verse from Revelations clearly demonstrates to the world what a warrior Archangel Michael is. Since I feel most comfortable with Michael, I call on him if I am going to be in a tough situation.

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