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FYI God Hears Your Prayers

I am shocked by the latest headlines insinuating that praying to our creator for peace and a stop to the recent violence is not working. Of course prayer works! The words that you speak have specific vibrations that are sent out into the Universe along with the feeling and intention that they possess. The creator of our Universe is definitely receiving the energy of your prayer.

Think of the energy of your prayer as radio waves being transmitting out to the receiver.  The energy of your prayer message is sent out to be received and heard by our creator just the same. Often  the  answer that you receive back may not come as quickly as you would like it, or you may not receive the answer you wanted or expected. You will however receive  the answer that God feels you need.

We are all on this earth temporarily using these shells called bodies until we move on to another phase of our existence. Our souls are made up of energy. This energy will continue to exists after this lifetime. I suggest you pray to the one who created us so that maybe your good energy makes it to a higher place after this body gives out. Always remember the power of prayer and that all prayers are answered.

Merry Christmas!




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