Give of Yourself for Christmas

As the holiday season approaches we are all thinking about Christmas and what we should buy our loved ones this year. Some people plan months in advance for the Holy event. Somehow the real meaning of giving has gotten lost in the fast paced materialistic society we live in. I watched the news last night, only to see that more money has been spent  on Christmas this year, thus far than ever before. The predictions for the  number of billions of dollars to be spent on gifts this year are astounding. If you think of the good we could do with that cash.  If we all contributed our Christmas dollars, just one year for a good cause! Imagine what all of us pooling together our Christmas dollars could accomplish!

We could stop world hunger!  And Imagine how great it would feel to unselfishly help another person not go hungry.

The energy of giving unselfishly goes out into the Universe and returns to you tenfold. You are being rewarded for giving freely. So my wish this Holiday season is that everybody gives of themselves. Giving unselfishly brings good energy to all.

Merry Christmas !!!

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