Numbers Have Energy

I recognized that the same numbers were appearing repeatedly
in different aspects of my life and began to question why this
was happening. My children were born on the same day but
in different months. I found this quite odd. I then realized that my
nephew was born on that day but in a different month, my grandson is
born on the same day as well. Since I began paying attention to the numbers,
I noticed that all of my license plate numbers equaled this same
number. My number shows up in my checking account number and on
it goes. All of this was too coincidental. I had figured out that this number
was important in my life but what did it really mean, if anything?
Then I started to pay closer attention. I started to realize what the Universe
was revealing to me. When I was on the right path the Universe
would confirm this by showing me my number. This was confirmation
that I am doing the right thing or that the purchase I made was a good
one. The numbers show me that I am heading down the right road. I
paid attention to the total dollar amount at the stores where I shopped.
My same lucky numbers would come up every time my purchase was
confirmed to be a good one. And the same negative numbers would appear
when I knew I should not been splurging and buying that extra item
that I actually did not need. This is interesting stuff if you are willing to
pay attention to the numbers and the energy that they hold.
The study of numbers dates back to 500 BC, this includes their mystique
too. The Greek Philosopher Pythagoras, commonly known as the
father of modern mathematics said that, “numbers are the essence of all
life.” He may be the first person to realize that numbers are the very
foundation of the Universe. Read more about the numbers in my new book, Wake Up! The Universe is Speaking to you. Available on Amazon.com  http://amzn.to/1MeJYqP

Have a blessed day,



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