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FYI Your Not Intitled

My husband and I were out to a restaurant for lunch the other day. While we were waiting for the waitress to take our order, I could not help hear the man in the booth behind me talking to his wife. He sounded a bit frustrated. He was telling his wife that the youth today feel that they are entitled. He said,”what will this generation do when their parents and their grandparents money is gone and they have to earn their way themselves?” How true I thought. I have been noticing this behavior for quite some time and its not just with teenagers. I am witnessing the, I am entitlement syndrome for some time. Most of them are men and women in their thirties. I have seen this in my own circle of family and friends. College graduates are asking their parents to send them back to school as they are not happy with their career choice. Or how bout this one, Can you give me the rental house you have? I mean, seriously, did you just ask that of your parents who have worked their tails off their whole life so that you could have what they did not. But lets just be honest, this whole thing has gone too far. Now the youth of today are a bit more lazy than my generation. Now I am not saying all, bu there are way to many entitle young adults out their for my comfort zone. Who is going to do the actual work here in America to keep our Country thriving? And how do you learn to think on your feet if someone is always bailing you out with money and community influence? I truly believe in the concept of tough love.Tough love was taught to me by a wise soul when my kids were growing up. If She would not have hipped me to this concept my kids would probably not have turned out as awesome and well balanced as they are today. Tough love is saying no!  I will not give you that you must earn it yourself. The lessons that are acquired from having to be independent and hardworking are invaluable lessons in life. You do not learn these lessons when you are given everything. This is the biggest probable that I see. Parents think they are doing a great thing by giving and doing so much for their children but in reality they are making them reliant on them and not themselves. How will they grow up and learn how to function if everything is done for them and given to them? There is something called the yin and the yang, The give and the take of the energy. I talk about this exchange of energy in my new book, Wake Up! The Universe is Speaking to you. The give and the take creates balance in the Universal. The practice of only giving and only taking causes an imbalance in a relationship whether parental or marital. The good energy from working hard and achieving a goal for yourself is rewarding and fulfills the soul. We as a society have to back off a bit and not give so much material things to our kids. Maybe we change it up and instead of giving a material item or cash give them our time.



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