The Energy of the 40th Anniversary of Jaws is Materializing

If you have read my blogs regarding energy you will understand what’s happening with all the Shark attacks of late and the energy that has created it.

June 2015 is the 40th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s classic “Jaws”. And just like the movie right before the 4th of July holiday there have been shark attacks in unlikely places. The recent attacks at Oak Island Beach in North Carolina have not been seen before. From what can be determined thus far it is just one shark that has attacked 3 people along the North Carolina shores. Now another attack has occurred in Daytona beach Florida, what is going on?

If you understand how energy works you will realize that what ever intention is sent out to the universe will materializes. If your not aware of this fact it may be a huge wake up call for you. Any time you put out energy to the universe, the universe gives you exactly what you ask for. That is how our creator set it up.

This movie was made 40 years ago and has been aired numerous times but as the anniversary of the movie approaches us Jaws is being promoted heavily again. The energy is being sent out to the universe in full force.  As this energy is sent out to the universe the actual events are occurring , just as the movie requests. The location of the shark attacks is not the same but the scenario is exact.

What really freaks me out is that the officials in charge of the beaches don’t want to close them because of the 4th of July holiday approaching. They fear the lost revenue to their area. This is exactly what happened in the movie. Nobody wanted to close the beaches even though they new there was a shark attacking innocent people. News reports say it is just one shark who is the culprit just as the film portrays.

I feel terrible that four innocent young people have been bitten by the sharks. Some have even lost limbs as a result of the attacks. I send them good energy and wish them a speedy recovery. But I want to get the point across that we as a society have not come to the realization that what ever energy we put out is what we receive back.

This goes for everything you do in life. What ever energy you put out is what you receive. So be careful what you say as words hold powerful energy. Be cautious of your actions and what you think, as all hold energy. Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.


Nancy Yearout


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