Learn to Shake off the Negative Energy

Even though I have been working with energy for many years I sometimes forget to protect myself from a crowd and everyone’s energies. I happen to be a sensitive person as many of us are. When I forget who I am and don’t protect myself,I take on much unwanted energy. Its not always just negative energy but its other people’s stuff you take on if not cleared.

The unwanted energy becomes a burden on the body in time if not dealt with. If not cleared negative energy  will eventually weigh you down physically. Too much negative energy opens the door to disease in the body. When any living thing is exposed to negative energy for a long period of time it will die. This is why There should be a balance that is maintained between the positive and negative. The Yin &the Yang as some may call it. This is how the universal energy works.

Negative energy can be sent from a distance like radio waves. If you haYin and yangve had an argument with someone and they are at a distance shooting negative energy at you specifically, you will receive it! That’s how powerful the energy is.

One of the quickest ways to clear your energy field is a sea salt bath. Use plenty of sea salt and soak at least 20 minutes.

This is just one way to remove the negative stuff.

Until next time.




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