Are all of our United States Still Blessed

When you follow the story of  America God has always been a part of her making. Our creator has been with us all the way. Through the discovery of this great land to the writing of the constitution. Our creator has been watching over the construction of our highways, railways, cities, towns, Churches and schools. Recently I see and feel a shift in the positive blessed energy that is here in the states. Meaning that not all of America is blessed with the good energy as it was in its early days. As time has passed certain areas of our country have become corrupt. People are not honest as there ancestors once were. We don’t love their neighbor or respect  and appreciate our country as we should. And by the way, most folks don’t even know who their neighbors are. More and more people keep to themselves. We are not friendly to one another  For example why don’t we wave at each other any more? You know what I mean, if you have ever lived out in the country or visited a small community where every knows another they waive. Sincerely waive, and ask how it’s going? Folks help each other out just to be kind.

The majority of us come home in the evening and watch television or glue ourselves to the computer screen. Many of us have grown apart socially. As a result, crime has increased in our neighborhoods.  Let’s face it, if you know the people next door and your friendly with each other you are going to watch out for each others property and keep the peace in your area. That’s just how it goes.

Our values  have lessened over time as bad behavior has been accepted by our society.  Recently a story in the  local news told of  how a man died in his car in a Sams Club parking lot and was not noticed for six days.  Are we that disconnected to each other?

I believe that God was giving us a wake up call in 2006 when the economy almost collapsed. Many of us had become so detached from each other, so materialistic, so Godless and corrupt that the universe put a stop to the negative energy. I believe our creator was blatantly showing us how corrupt the world has become and giving us an opportunity to do things differently. Some of us have recovered from the economic mess, got the message and rediscovered themselves. Others will never figure it our or don’t choose to try.  But the fact still remains, the energy has shifted and things are not the same. Several states have been blessed and were less affected by the past few years of bad economic growth than others. I think it has something to do with peoples morals, values and their belief in a higher power. Texas is a perfect example. The oil and gas industry has boomed over the past five years. Eleven industries have grown dramatically in Texas since 2008. The lone star state continued to out pace the national economy. The energy is good in Texas. Folks still wave at each other and open doors. The people are friendly and they still believe in God, our creator. Their are values and morals are still evident. They seem grateful.

We can bring back the good energy of our United Sates. We have to get back to basics and treat each other as we want to be treated. Each one of us had the opportunity to bring about positive energy with  our own actions, thoughts and words.

God Bless



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