Love Prevails When You Meet the Love of Your Life

There is much to be said about true love. I watched George Clooney profess his love for his new wife from the Golden Globes the other night on TV. He said that it had taken him 53 years to meet the right person and how proud he was to be his new wife’s husband. How romantic. This reminded me of what I have gone through in my life hoping that the right person would come along. I had to wait patiently for a long time and kiss allot of frogs before my prince showed up.  Reflecting back it all happened as it was suppose to.

Lets be honest we have all been in relationships that we wanted to work out and when it didn’t we end up hurt and confused. But know that it was not the right person for you and it was a blessing that the relationship did not work out for you. Why? because if you can learn from your past relationships and move forward the Universal energy will guide you to someone who is perfect for you. The universe only gives us want we ask for so if we are searching for the wrong qualities in a person that is what you will receive.  Could you image marrying the wrong person and then meeting the love of your life. Your true soul mate?

When you hear people say that God has a plan for us he really does. I have come to realize that God only gives us what is good for us and only when we are ready. Sometime It takes us awhile to understand what is important in a relationship. Its not looks, money or fame. True love comes from within yourself not outside of you. I believe our society has given the wrong message to people.  Looks fade but a persons heart and soul remain the same. This is where true love comes from and remains true.

God Bless



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