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People Can Change If They Choose To

I have a friend who would often say to me after witnessing my distress over peoples behavior ” Why are you so surprised at that person’s actions and words? “She would say. “You should not expect so much from people and then you won’t be disappointed”. She was right. I was often disappointed when someone was dishonest or deliberately cruel. This type of behavior has always puzzled me. I really try to always give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they proved me wrong. Somewhere in the back of my head I have always thought that maybe the wrong doer would turn out to be a nice, honorable, decent person. Unfortunately it has never worked out that way for me. Note to self: Don’t be fooled by peoples persona but always believe that their is some good in everyone.
The question is why are we always so surprised when their is conflict with a co- worker, friend or a family member and we witness their true colors shine through? Its like we know who they are but do not want to except it. We have to realize that the person is just showing you who they really are as a person. We expect people to change, to be different, to conform to our way of thinking. In most cases that is not going to ever happen. So when You have to spend any more time with this person, even if they are a family member its difficult. I have tried the avoidance thing and have learned that sometimes cutting the ties is the healthiest thing to do for yourself. But the question still remains, “Can people Change”? Of course they can, if they recognize that there is an issue and have the desire to change themselves for the better. Most people do not want to admit that maybe they are not acting appropriately to others and that there may be another less selfish, egotistical way to function.
I don’t see change in folks for many reasons. First of all people are generally lazy. If things are going along fairly smoothly for them and they don’t have to change their attitude towards others, why rock the boat? I think its how peoples minds work. Its how they have been programmed to think. Often conflict is caused between people because each parties believes they are correct in their thoughts and actions, so there would be no reason to change their behavior and or their actions. They are doing and acting out what they feel is right in their mind.
It takes a big person to learn and to grow. To admit that maybe their is a better way of doing things or looking at things in a different light. Change is scary but necessary to grow your soul. I think God set the universe up so that as our soul grows older, we do grow wiser. Its up to us to recognize and use these lessons presented to us for growth.
So can people change as they learn new ways of thinking? Of course they can. They have to choose to just do it!


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