All Families are Dysfunctional!

The longer I am present on this planet, the more I realize its not just my family thats screwed up, its all families!Thank God. I used to think it was just my family that was weird, dysfunctional and out there. Now I have been around a bit and experienced other families dysfunction through marriage and relationships. Growing up You don’t want anyone to know or to realize that the family unit that you come from is some how off. My family is definitely not one of those perfect families you saw on Television growing up. I don’t think those families actually exist in real life do you? I do however keep having hope that one day my dysfunctional group will get it together and just be nice to each other. It seems we are less polite to our own family than we are too anyone. Which is really strange as we are of the same flesh and blood, so you would think there would be some kind of special kinship there. I just don’t see it. Why the backstabbing among family members? I Just don’t get it. Our time here is really quite short, we should probably be nicer to each other and love each other as we in turn want to be loved and respected. We should be a little more kind to each other and maybe we would get along allot better. It seems their is much jealous throughout the family unit and greed for attention and for things. The jealousy and greed is between siblings and parents alike.  I see arguments over money and family inheritance, regarding who gets what and when.

As the Holiday Season approaches the dysfunctional family situation is thrown right into our faces. I think that may be God’s humor. He is making us deal with our loved ones in a kind, festive way.

Have a blessed Day!


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