Some People Are Takers and Some Are Givers

My older sister once said to me, “There are two types of people in this world, takers and givers”. At the time I was in my early twenties and did not think too much about her words. Looking back she was trying to tell me to be a giver not a taker. I did not understand the whole concept until I grew a little older and a little wiser. Now I realize how wise her words, really were.

I have always worked hard as a single mom to take care of myself and my children and when I was able to financially I began giving back to others. Its a good feeling when you give to others, it makes you happy inside to know that you have helped another person.  In the Bible it says, ” its is better to give than to receive.” This is our guide to follow.

We all have had struggles in life, some more than others. The majority of the new generation thinks they are entitled, that they deserve the best of everything and don’t want to work to earn it themselves They are waiting for somebody else to give it to them. For some reason they think they should be given money and things, just because they want the latest and greatest phones, computers, clothes, cars and homes. How did this entitlement thing get so out of control? Is it because each generation wants better for the next, so they give too much?  I believe so. Wanting better for your kids is great but the spoiling of them has become a real issue in our society. Spoiled children grow up to be spoiled adults with bad values and not such nice people. They think they are better than others. Unfortunately I have witnessed many spoiled brats not working so hard to get ahead, instead they seem to be waiting for their inheritance from their parents or grandparents to kick in. I hope my parents spend all of their money and enjoy life to its fullest. Maybe i’m an exception to the rule but when I left home I went out on my own. I did not spend my life thinking what I was going to get when my parents were gone. Don’t get me wrong, my parents have helped me out of a few binds along the way but I did not expect the help. They offered and I was grateful for their assistance.

One thing that I have learned thus far is that we all come into the world with nothing and we all leave with nothing. You can’t take the car, the money, the clothes, the video games with you when we die. And FYI, we all have an expiration date! It amazes me that this fact is often forgotten. When you die and go to the pearly gates do you really think God is going to say, “So how much stuff did you accumulate?” or will our creator say,” How many people did you help”? “Tell me about the good deeds you did while on earth”.  I really feel like our society is just not getting this giving concept. There are too many people on the wagon trying to get   free ride and not enough people working to pull the wagon down the path.  Eventually the wagon is going to topple over and the people will fall off.

If I can influence one person today to be more giving  by reading these words then I have accomplished my goal. Until next time.

God Bless



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