Why Are We Taking God Out of It?

The longer I am here on this planet the more I realize that there is only one creator who gave us life, a soul, a mind and free will. That entity is called God. What I have also come to realize is that people seem to be using other words to refer to God as if its not cool or maybe they are afraid to say the word God. I have seen people use verbiage like the Creator, a Higher Power and the most used word for our creator today seems to be Spirit, really? Why not just say God, the Almighty, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end? I have started to feel like it is disrespectful to God to use other names. I have even caught myself while writing my book or blogs to refer to God as our Creator or as Spirit because I felt it was the new age cool thing to do.That maybe more people would read my work. But as I have studied religion and spirituality I realize that we have only one creator and the Bible refers to this creator as God.

When I was growing up when people spoke of God there was a sort of reverence applied. Now its like a dirty word. What happened?  I realize we are here on earth to learn and evolve our souls and when we die we will go to be with God. But why don’t others? Why do we want to take God out of it?  Is this Satan working to pull us away from our true origin and the reverence we should have for our creator? There are so many times I see people searching for true happiness in all sorts of ways, not realizing that true fulfillment comes from within yourself and your relationship with God. Why do you think prayer is so powerful? God does hear our prayers. Your prayers may not be answered as you may like or expect them to be answered. If you pay attention to your prayer request, and the end result of those prayers you will realize God did hear you! I have been paying attention for a while and every time I have ask for God’s help he has helped me. Not always in the way I expected but the result has always been to my benefit. Remember, God only gives us what is good for us. God created each and everyone of our souls and he gave us a mind to use to understand, grow and determine what is right and what is wrong.

I am concerned about our world as people are not getting this concept. They are so caught up in the material world and just living their lives that they have forgotten that God is here to help us and to guide us. God only wants the best for us, that is how he set the universe up. Good is rewarded with more good and bad is rewarded the same.This is true karma.

My prayer to God is that more people will realize this concept and utilize God’s power in their lives.

God bless



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