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The Unique Energy of Our Soul Survives Death

Death is a tough subject for most people to talk about. Unfortunately, I believe our society has made it that way. We don’t talk about death often enough and it’s going to happen to all of us eventually. ” You can’t cheat death”, no one can but we still have a difficult time coping when a loved one passes. I think its worse when the death of a loved one is unexpected. When someone is sick and in the hospital, you know death is always a possibility and you keep that in the back of your mind tucked away somewhere. But when someone close to you dies unexpectedly, I think its tougher as you just weren’t prepared mentally for the loss.You did not get to say your goodbyes to each other and thats tough. Its hard for most people, even religious folks to go with the concept that this is not it. There is another dimension out there. I  call it heaven. This is a place that will bring joy and peace to all who believe that heaven exists. You will see your loves ones again when you pass on to the next phase of existence. The way I see death is that we are all made of energy. Our souls are our own unique energy. This unique energy continues to live on when the body dies. Where you go is entirely up to you and how you did while you were here on earth. ( My opinion only). I really believe that we as a society we should talk about death more often so that it doesn’t feel so uncomfortable when someone passes. You never know what to say to their loved ones. What if everyone understood that their loved one was in a better place, free from any type of pain or worry? Joyful, blissfully happy!  Then should we not celebrate that? I think death is a celebration of our completion of schooling ( lessons learned) while here on earth! Death is only a  movement of the persons energy to another dimension in the vast universe. The departed’s soul’s energy moves on to where the creator knows will be best. So the next time someone close to you or a friend has a loved one move on to the next step in their journey, be excited for them, celebrate! They have just graduated! Yes you’ll miss them but you will see them again and know that they are at peace fulfilling their destiny.




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