IF you are looking for Love, Give love

All you need is love, bomp ba da da da. There have been many songs written about love. This Beatles tune is one that often comes to mind when I think of how many people are searching for fulfillment. It seems we are are searching for happiness in our materialistic world. If you search long enough you will realize that love is what you’re looking for.
As I am out and about connecting with people I don’t see many smiles on their faces. Why is this? People seem to be caught up in the chores of life and are not noticing that there are people all around them searching for the same thing. Where’s the disconnect? It seems that everyone is in their own little bubble, living their own life. But where’s the joy, the smiles? I see people looking down in the line at the supermarket texting or crossing off the items on their list, but no one looks up and speaks to each other let alone smile. What’s the deal? Where’s the love?  Its a rarity if you see a smile on someones face or hear a kind word uttered to a stranger. I just want to shake those folks  who are in line texting and say, ” Wake Up! Don’t you get it? There are people all around you who are in need of your smile, a kind word, your love energy.

Giving someone a compliment can be a very meaningful act of kindness. Maybe that person in line is having a bad day and needs a kind word, a compliment from any human being, stranger or not. A few kind words can make someone’s day a good one! I realize you are not going to like everybody in this world, but what I have come to realize is that  when you are happy and know that you are loved, you give love freely. The nice thing about love is that it’s free and seems to be contagious. The more you love that you give the more love you will receive.

One of the biggest lessons to learn in life is this: “If you want love you must give love!” That’s how our creator set it up.  The Universe knows when you are giving out the love energy and in turn it rewards you with love energy. Did you ever hear the saying, ” you only get what you give”? No I am not a songwriter, but seriously these songwriters really understood how the love energy flows.

Have you ever noticed a couple in love walking along holding hands and wish you had what they had? What they have is not a secret. The concept is simple. When you love unconditionally then you will receive love back to you ten fold. If you understand this concept then you are one of the fortunate people on this earth.
I can remember a time when I was searching for the key to happiness. I figured as soon as I had achieved my next material goal in life I would be truly happy! It took me much trial and error to realized that the car or the house or the stuff was not fulfilling me as a person. Only love, true love, is the one thing that fulfills the human soul completely.

My husband and I are in love with each other. So no matter what is happening in our lives, we know we always have each other at the end of the day. I know when we are out in public shopping or out to dine that people notice that sparkle in our eye’s when we look at each other. Many times they notice us and comment on how happy we are. Its evident that we are a happy couple. That is a good feeling to know that you are loved and that you love someone just as much. The loves seems to ooze out of us and we are bright happy souls. But all around us I notice unhappy souls, people who are just going through the motions. I have also noticed that not everyone is joyful for a hppy couple. Is it envy or jealousy? I am sure misery loves company, as both my husband and I are aware that there are a lot of negative folks out there who do not want to acknowledge happy couples. What is going on here on our planet in 2014? Are people freaking out over money, jobs, basic living issues? Yes, I think so. The only way to overcome these stumbling blocks in life is to love. Love has the ability to bring Joy, Love and laughter into anyones crazy world.
I want to share with you what I have learned thus far in my life. The lesson is that the tough days are bearable and little easier when you have love in your life. It may be a spouse a child, a parent or even a pet who keeps the love alive in you. But the key is to keep the love alive inside of you, to let this love magic fill you up. My hope is that we all find love and experience the magic.
Until next time, Blessings to you & yours.


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