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How to Manifest What You Want

     Manifestation is easier that most people realize. I was fortunate to have a wonderful teacher when I first learned the process. She would say to me. “Just draw it In, use your energy to attract what you are searching for and hold this intention with unwavering faith.” This is true. We all have the power to use our energy to create whatever it is that we want in our lives. The first step is to be clear about your intention. Think about what it is that you really are trying to accomplish. Once you have the clear intention, then focus on what the end result will feel like.

     Let’s say you need a new car. Visualize yourself driving the new car and how it feels to cruise down the road in it. If its a convertible, feel the the wind blowing on your face and swishing your hair around, smell the air as you go down the street. Hear the radio tuned in to your favorite station. Now, do not anticipate how you will get the car, just know that you will receive what you are asking for. Have faith that you will receive it. Faith is defined in the dictionary like this:unquestioning belief. Faith is addressed many times in the Bible teaching us what true faith really is and will accomplish. 

Leave the details to the universe, to a higher power. Don’t get hung up on how you will be able to afford it or where it will come from, just know that you will get what you want with unwavering faith. You may end up with something better that you had ever imagined. Manifestation is not magic, it is using the natural laws of the universe and having faith that you will get exactly what you want or something even better! When you understand how energy works and that it was given to us to use, the process does not seem so difficult. In my new book “Universal Energy Changes Everything” I explain how to use this natural source of energy to make your life easier and more fulfilled. God’s intention was never to make us struggle in our lives. Our creator actually wants the best for us all. The problem is that we have lost touch with our spiritual selves in this material world that we reside in. The key is to get back to basics. What is it that is really important to you in this lifetime?

     Let’s pretend that you have every material thing that you ever wanted in life. Then what? Do you have someone who you love and loves you to share it all with? What is all the stuff for? Can material things love you back and truly make you feel better when you are having a rotten day?

Let’s say you are looking for the man/woman of your dreams.  The first step in the manifestation process is to think to yourself or write down on a piece of paper what it is you are really looking for. Make sure you are clear about your intentions, as you will get exactly what you ask for. Now, do not put a time limit on your request. Keep your intention out there and continue to focus your energy on that special someone that you requested. The Universe was set up to give us what our energy is asking for. If you do not have faith that you will receive what you are focusing your energy on or something better you won’t get it. The universe only picks up on your energies intention. This is the beginning of learning how to manifest. One last thing, when you do receive your wish, give thanks! 

Until next time, have a blessed day!




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