Visualize what you seek and it will be yours


     I am sure most people have heard about visualizations and how the process works. Just in case you haven’t, this is how it’s done. The concept is actually very simple. Visualize what you want, see your self having it, feel what it is like to have already received it and the universe will deliver. Even though I know this concept works  I sometimes forget to do it myself. We all get caught up in this fast paced world we live in. But this is a really important thing to do if you want to make more money, or are looking for the man/woman of your dreams or just maybe you want a new car!

Olympic athletes today are trained in this concept.They are trained to see themselves winning the game, making that final touch down or scoring the winning goal and it happens. If you can see it and believe it, then what you are trying to achieve will be yours. You can use this concept in business,your personal relationships,obtaining material things, whatever you choose. The key to the success of this concept is to visualize what you want in detail everyday, at least twice a day until your wish is fulfilled.

Allot of people can see it but don’t think they deserve it or do not have faith that they will actually receive it and give up. Don’t, this stuff really works! Do not worry about the outcome. You don’t need to know how you are going to receive  what you want, just know that you will and feel what it’s like when you have been granted that wish.

Let me give you an example to help you get started. Say you want to go to Tahiti on vacation. Start by visualizing what it looks like in the South Pacific, what color the water is, feel the warmth of the sun on your face, the sand between your toes as you walk along the beach. Cut out pictures of Tahiti and paste them on a vision board so that you see the beautiful scenery everyday. Decide what you are going to take with you on your vacation, visualize your self swimming in the crystal blue water and drinking a tropical drink. Now before long you will get your wish. Please do not be concerned about how you will get there, just know that you will. You never know, you could win a trip or someone could ask you to go with them, its a toss up. Just know that you will be there on a long vacation.

I challenge everyone to try it. You will definitely be glad you did.







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