A simple card for Valentines Day will do

ImageWhat’s that song, Love is in the air…………………….

Valentines Day is tomorrow and there are so many folks scrambling to get that perfect gift that says” I Love You”  to that special someone. As the economy is not in great shape theses days many lovers don’t have the big dollars to send flowers or buy jewelry ( as the commercials on TV are telling us to do). So let’s get back to basics this Valentines Day. So why is it that we celebrate this day anyway?

 Well Saint Valentines dates back to the 5th Century. February 14 was a celebration for an early Christian Saint named Valentine. The way the legend goes ( according to Wikipedia)  Saint Valentine of Rome states that he was put in prison for performing Weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. How romantic is that for Saint Valentine to do. I mean to get thrown in prison for making sure lovers could  be together, It doesn’t get much better than that. Legend says that Valentine healed his jailer daughter and then he wrote her a farewell letter signed “your Valentine”. So this is how it all began. In the 18th Century England evolved this holiday into a Lovers day, which included hearts, cupid and the giving of flowers, cards and sweets.

So that’s probably what we should go for today. Just a little something, a card will do. A homemade card is better. Remember when you signed all the cards for your classmates in school and how fun exchanging Valentine cards was. And remember how you got a special one from that boy or girl and how much it meant to you. It’s just a little piece of paper with a heart and a clever saying  but it is the thought that counts on this love day. Showing the love you have for another by taking the time to make or buy a valentine card or even send an e card to that special one is what it’s all about. I think this is all that is necessary on this celebrated love day. I will however add if you can pick up a candy heart for your kids do it. When I was a little girl my dad would always bring home a small red heart full of chocolates for my sisters and I, and of course a heart box  for my mother. I still remember waiting for my box of chocolates every year, Dad it meant the world to me. Thank you! Its the little thing that count.

God Bless & Happy Valentines Day!



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