Pay It Forward This Thanksgiving

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches I start to realize how thankful I am for what I have. I have been very blessed over the years. Sometimes in our lives we forget what it is like to not have. This may sound strange to some but when you struggle in life it  makes you appreciate when you do have. I can remember a time as a single young mom of two how hard it was at times to pay all the bills, keep a roof over our heads, a vehicle to drive and food. I can remember a time when we just did not have enough food in the pantry. I was young and divorced and working a really good job but with the cost of day care  for two children and the basic expense of living we just did not have enough. I never applied for any kind of assistance because I was young, smart, ambitious, and able to work. But there was a friend of mine Naomi, that would always make sure we had food in our house in those tough times. Thank God for her. I will never forgot her generosity, it meant everything to me.

As I watch  what’s going on in the world this morning in the news, I see that many food pantries are mobbed with people. They said, ” the majority of people at these food banks are working people just like me”. They just don’t make quite enough to buy the goodies for Thanksgiving dinner.  Please try to remember others on this Thanksgiving Holiday as you are out shopping, pay it forward, pay for somebody else’s groceries in line. There may be a time when you need someone to remember you.

God Bless



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