Value People By Their Heart

As you go about your day today, you will interact with all different people.  Sometimes you are fortunate enough to run into someone who is not the best looking person or the smartest person you know but you just adore this person because you can just tell that they have a big heart. It could be the counter person where you buy your coffee in the morning, the attendant at the gas station or maybe its one of your family member or  your significant  who calls to check on you. This warm feeling comes over you whenever you are around one of these folks. They just beam with good vibes. But you never say, wow what a great warm heart you have, do you? Being kind to each other seems to have become a rarity in the world today. Kids are bulling each other at school, divorce rates are high, our government representatives cannot even get along and these are suppose to be smart people.

The Dalai Lama Says;

“Western education is almost solely oriented toward the development of intelligence and the accumulation of as much knowledge as possible. In this process the development of the heart is probably neglected…. There must be a balance between the brain and the heart. I think that a heartless human being with a very well -functioning brain is a dangerous troublemaker. I value someone more whose intelligence is less developed but who has a good heart.”

I agree with the Dalai Lama completely.  It means so much to me when I am having a tough day and need to take care of business and the other person I am dealing with is nice and has a heart.  I don’t necessarily care what they look like or how smart  the person is, where they are from. Hell, even if your not having a bad day, a kind hearted soul can make a big difference in your life.  Most people however just don’t get this concept.

The media portrays the rich, the beautiful, the successful people as our examples. What happened to the pure at heart. What happened to caring, kind people?  Shouldn’t they be our role models too? They should be at the top of the list.

I feel so blessed, my husband is the nicest person. He is such a good example for me. He is just a kind soul and I know I am fortunate. When I am having a bad day, his kind heart always says or does something heart warming for me. I in turn do the same for him. It’s contagious like a smile.  If we could just start the virus…

 What has happened to our society that we as a people have become so hard and uncaring? 

I really believe the biggest cause of divorce today in our country is caused from not really knowing the persons heart before you marry them. I think people are taught to look at the outside of a person, not the inside. Yes its great if they are attractive, smart, healthy and fit, and have a great career, but what happens if you are in an accident and you are paralyzed or impaired in some way. Will your partner be able to handle it?  Did they marry the inside of you, the heart or the outside of you, the shell.

 As a society we are not taught to work on the inside as much as we are taught to work on our outside appearance. Girls are always looking for the newest hot clothes, hairstyle and makeup to  feel good about themselves. They forget to look on the inside and see what lessons they need to learn to become a better person on the inside. The looks fade as you grow older, and the inside is really what counts. Maybe that’s how God set it up. Maybe we are suppose to be wiser kinder souls as we age. I see a lot of folks caught up in the our material world and they have become bitter over, money, power and success. As a society we need to work on filling our hearts with compassion! not our life full of more material stuff.

 The Dalai Lama says” this is  what the real role of religion is”.  Filling our hearts with compassion

I know myself being a business women today I had to become tough. I learned very quickly in the Real Estate industry you have to be tough or you will be eaten. Unfortunately you can get into that mode at work and at home. I know for me being a single mom, I was the authority figure, both mom & dad all rolled into one. So I became a really tough cookie. I have learned over time how to be a tough business women but to always be kind.  Your heart does grow harder whether you mean for it to or not when you are involved in any tough business dealings or life’s struggles. But I know the key is to learn fines.  To be tough and kind at the same time. To always use your heart and your head.

People young and old need big hearted examples daily. They need positive big hearted kind people to learn from. People need to realize how important it is to get to know the person on the inside not the portrait of the outside. You can be one of these examples. Just use your heart.



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