Live Like You Have An Expiration Date

We live everyday not knowing when our expiration date is. We probably don’t give enough importance to this fact.  But we all have one.

We say things and do things everyday  that we probably shouldn’t say or do. But would we say or do them differently if we knew it was our last day?   We may even change our attitude, and think more carefully before we speak to others. If you knew it was your last day here what would you do?

I saw a movie not to long ago where three brothers think they are all going to die soon. They know their expiration date is almost up. They immediately changed how they lived. They started to do things differently when they knew their expiration day was almost up. They took more chances, in business, love and friendship. They lived out  some of their dreams. They did things that they always wanted to do but never took the time to.

I think we take our lives for granted most of the time, not realizing what a gift it is to  be alive for one and secondly what a blessing it is to be living free here in the United States.

All of us get caught up in our daily life with work, school, relationships and just living that we forget to live like there is no tomorrow. We forget that we do have an expiration date.

I attended a funeral of a friend on Saturday. It was a small service with a  wonderful seasoned fiery minister. He really spoke allot about remembering what is important in life. To always have faith and to love . How important it is to be kind to people, have integrity and to be an hones human being. He talked about how we all will eventually die and that we really need to be the best we can be while we are here on earth. Try to make a difference in someone else’s life while we are here.  Making a difference in someone else’s life is what you will be rewarded for in the end. Not how much stuff you have or how much money you left in your bank account when you die.  He reminded us that there is a day of judgment before our lord. He talked about how folks get caught up with material items here on earth and how you cannot take the things you have accumulated here with you to heaven or to hell. The things you have accumulated here will probably be given away or sold  after you are gone. Crazy thought huh? Well that’s how it goes most times. 

He also reminded us that we have an expiration date and it could be tomorrow.

Many Blessings,





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