Material Possessions Do Not Bring Happiness

This subject really hits home with me. It seems like we all go to school to get an education and work very hard to have a nice home, a nice car, and all of the things that we are taught should make us happy. I have talked to so many people who say, “Once I get that thing that I have worked so hard for, I’ll be happy. But when they reach their goal, there is always something else that they want that will make them even happier.  There is something lacking inside. They still want.

Have you ever really wanted something really bad and when you finally got it and when the newness wore off , then it was not so great after all? Well I have learned over time that material possessions  do not make you happy. Material possessions just do not fill that void inside your soul. Love fills the void. Love for each other, kindness and giving.  Love for humanity. Love for God.  The Dalai Lama says;

In the frenzy of modern life we lose sight of the real value of humanity. People become the sum total of what they produce. Humans beings act like machines whose function is to make money…. Humans are not for money, money is for humans. We need money to live, so money is necessary, but we also need to realize that if there is too much attachment to wealth, it does not help at all. The ancient saints of India and Tibet tell us, the wealthier one becomes, the more suffering one endures.

This is a powerful life lesson to learn. I learned the lesson the hard way when the Real Estate crash occurred a few years ago. I was making really good money and had all the material things a girl could ask for. The car, the house, the clothes, the travel, but when everything came to a halt I realized none of those material things had really made me happy. I looked around at all the stuff I had accumulated over time and none of those things had made me happy. What I came to realize is that the thing that really mattered most were the people in my life. Stuff can be replaced but people cannot.

I see allot of people still on that material path today and know that money cannot buy happiness for them. There are so many greedy people who accumulate a large amount of wealth in  this life time and have no one to share it with. How sad that is.

The old saying, “you cannot take it with you” is so true, so why not share it with other people who are really suffering and needy? There are allot of families in America that cannot feed their children or buy them proper clothing to wear or are not able to pay their basic utility bills. Why not share the wealth with them? What a good feeling it is to give back. To know that you truly helped another person in need.

The biggest lesson that I can teach you, is that the love you have in your heart for others and the kindness you give to people everyday, are the real riches in this life. If you can accomplish this, you are one of the richest humans on this planet.

God Bless




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