Coincidence Or Synchronicity

As you go through your day do you ever stop to wonder if certain things that happen to you are a coincidence or is this  Synchronicity. If you start to pay attention to these events you will soon figure out that nothing happens by accident. Everything happens for a reason. I know that when I run into a person I have not seen in along while it is usually that they need to tell me something or vise versa.

One of my clients told me a story of how they missed their flight and were delayed for two hours at the airport only to meet the man of their dreams. Coincidence? These things usually happen when you least expect them to and you need them the most. It like being at the right place at the right time. Some people say timing is everything, which I believe is true. It seems that if you are on the right path in life these coincidence’s seem to happen more frequently. It’s like the universe is saying ok you are doing well, stay on your path. When you are not on the right road its seems things just do not fall into place as easily as you may like them to. Maybe its a higher power trying to tell you something in a subtle way. I have so many of these encounters I can’t count them all. Now when a synchronicity  happens, I just give thanks to God and the Universe because I know that it happened for my higher good.

So my advise to you is to start paying attention. You will be pleasantly surprised to see all the Synchronicities in your life. And don’t forget to give thanks!




2 thoughts on “Coincidence Or Synchronicity

  1. I recently bumped into two ladies I hadn’t seen for a while. I saw them from a distance the first time and the next time I spoke to them. I assume they will now disappear again. it’s funny how coincidences all seem to happen at the same time

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