The Universe Presesnts Us With Lessons To Learn

Have you ever noticed that if you don’t get the lesson the first time, the Universe keeps putting the same situation in front of you until you get it? I have noticed this allot lately with myself and other people. We all have lessons to learn while on this planet and it seems until we learn  the lesson correctly, it will be presented to us over and over. 

It will be presented with a different person or a different job for example but it will be the same scenario presented to you until you get it.

 A very wise friend hipped me to this several years ago. I felt like I was reliving the same scenario multiple times but with different people. It took me awhile to recognize what was happening. This occurred not only in my personal life but in business too. The Universe has a way of teaching us life lessons without us realizing it. I have seen this happen so many times with myself and acquaintances.

You meet someone and think, he or she is the one. Then when things don’t work out, you are surprised, what happened ? You are attracting the same situation into your life over and over again. There must be a lesson here.

 Once you recognize this is happening and change what you are doing, the situation will change for the better.

 You may attract a business situation or a relationship into your life  for some reason It just does not go as you planned.  What I have realized over time is that there is a lesson to be learned with each scenario and when you learn it you move forward. The Universe keeps presenting this scenario until we figure it out.

Lesson are always difficult to learn but growth occurs with every lesson. Some people never get it. They never figure it out, move forward or grow. So be happy if have learned a few along the way.  I have had to live through many lessons myself and am still learning every day. I am grateful that I am moving forward. I hope you are too! 






5 thoughts on “The Universe Presesnts Us With Lessons To Learn

  1. I think a basic indicator or a good test of whether you are supposed to learn a particular lesson is if you find yourself to be the common denominator in these situations.

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