Would you Send a Text Message to God

It’s 2013 and everybody is texting each other. If you do not send text messages, people look at you like there is something wrong with you. My husband still refuses to text. It cracks me up, he refuses to conform. He says a phone call is the way to go. I have to agree with him. We are both business professionals and  when business is communicated by a text, something gets lost in the message. When you speak with someone on the phone you can get a feel for their mood, attitude, and how they do business. When I am doing business I want to get a feel for the other persons energy. When you send a text message you loose the personal touch when communicating.

 As you get to know  someone in a business relationship or in a personal relationship sending a text message is like taking the easy way out. Its almost like, well I have to communicate with this person but I really don’t want to hear what they have to say, so I will just text them. Its easier that way. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone say “I will just text them” then I don’t have to call.

I think people are afraid to talk to each other, have a conversation. Maybe they are afraid they will say the wrong thing or look silly to the other person. Texting has made it easy for people to stay connected yet disconnected all at the same time. It’s a winning situation for some it seems. But is it?

Would you text God? I mean doesn’t he deserve a prayer in written or spoken form? It would be disrespectful to text God your prayer request wouldn’t it? So why are we so disrespectful of each other.

When you are getting to know someone, an in person conversation is the best way to go. Peoples eyes say allot about them and how they feel about you. Body language is also an indication of how a person feels when you are getting to know them.

Look at the football player who communicated only by phone and text and then realized he was talking to another guy, not the girl of his dreams as he thought. That’s crazy right? An in person meeting would have saved him allot of grief.

I used to laugh at my daughter when she was growing up. She could never tell me a fib because she would smirk  if she wasn’t telling me the whole story. Even though she is older now, I can still hear her smirk when she’s on the phone with me. But when she texts me, I have no clue how things are going for her.

You can learn allot about someone by an in person meeting or a nice phone conversation.

So text when you absolutely have too. But call or show up in person as often as you can. It will make a positive difference in your business and your personal relationships.

There is something about seeing and hearing your loved ones voice that you cannot capture in a text message.

Many Blessings



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