Is Responsibility Still Taught

Do you take responsible  for what you do? I have always tried to. I was  taught to be responsible and to take responsibility for my actions.  If you hit someone’s car and they did not see you do it, you definitely should leave a note with your information and take responsibility.  It seems in today’s society if you hit someone’s car by accident, most people don’t leave a warm fuzzy greeting before departing.  They just depart. If there was no one there to see  what happened ,then why should they take responsibility?  Maybe, because deep down in your soul you know you did wrong. Unfortunately most people do not listen to that deep sown feeling and walk away.

 I think some people were never taught  to take responsibility for their actions. Maybe they just did not have good roll model to show them It could be they had a parent who just never held their children accountable for any thing they did wrong. This how spoiled brats are born.

 I always see allot of kids with only one parent participating in their lives, Did the other parent just  not want to take responsibility for another person life? Or maybe they are not able to take care of themselves.  At what point do you just do the right thing because you are an adult and you know the difference and are too old to blame your parents?

 I can remember I was wrestling with my boyfriend  in the living room at his parents house, we were probably seventeen, high school seniors.  I threw a bottle at my boyfriend, I don’t know why I threw it, but it hit the Color TV. Well, his farther made me pay for it to be repaired. He was not going to  let me off the hook. I took responsibility for my actions. Trust me, it was hard to pay that money out of my pay check every week until it was paid off.

I know some parents teach their kids at an early age how to do their own laundry, pay a bill, balance a check book, make a doctors appointment, even make dinner. I think this is good. When you teach these things it helps kids become responsible adults. I think we should always give young people responsibilities to prove themselves. The same goes for employees in the work place as well. It is great to give employee tasks to complete. It makes them responsible when the tasks are completed and  followed up on.

 In the work place it is really sad how no one will step up to the plate when something bad happens. Usually blame is found with something or someone else and that is why the task did not get completed. Not many people in the work place will step up and say, “you know that was my fault, I totally dropped the ball. It takes allot of courage and a person of true integrity to admit to a mistake at work  or in life and take responsibility for there actions. It also takes a responsible person to teach their kids, employees, and peers, responsibility by example.

The way the Universe works, we are always held accountable for what we do in one way or another anyway. So no matter what, we are held responsible for our actions.

Scary huh.





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