Good Manners Evident in small town in America

ImageI feel the need to talk about good manners as they seem to be all around me lately. I have been spending a few weeks this summer in a small town in New Mexico. I like allot people have become numb to the everyday interactions with adults and children with no real respect for each other, let alone good manners. It is almost like we ignore the bad behavior we witness on a daily basis. One thing that bothers me most is that I always see a disrespect for the elderly in our society. You do not see that in other countries. In Ireland they really respect the elderly and look to them for wisdom, knowledge of life. They have a great respect for the elderly in their society.

Since I have been here in this quaint small town in Southern New Mexico I have had a refreshing dose of good manners. Children holding doors for adults without a second thought. Please and thank you and just a kind smile from a stranger while walking down the street. This reminds me of what it was like for me growing up in a small town in America.

I grew up  in the country, we had 100 acres of farm land. I remember driving the 10 miles to town with my mom or dad. Everyone stopped and said hello to you as you walked down the street. We knew everyone  and they knew us.  You caught up on the news in everyone’s life on the corner or at the check out lane at the local grocery store, it was nice. I was a shy kid, but we were taught to be on your best behavior while in the bank or  at the local hardware store, and definitely not to  speak unless spoken to first. It was really about respecting your parents, more than anything.

You see so much disrespect in today’s society, not just for parents from their kids but lack of respect to each other. I run into allot adults who obviously were never taught or refuse to be respectful. It’s sad. It’s almost like it is accepted in today’s society. Is it cool to have bad manners? I don’t think so.

There’s something refreshing about being around respectful children and adults. The mood in this community is upbeat and happy, good energy is here. I write this hopeful that maybe someone who has been disrespectful in the past, will realize how honorable good manners are. And  that it shows great character to have nice manners. I am hopeful that if we teach our kids and peers to be respectful, other’s will learn by example. Good manners equals good energy!






2 thoughts on “Good Manners Evident in small town in America

  1. Love this!! I think part of that disrespect you see for the elderly comes from not appreciating history and how much hard work people have put into building up our country. In a small town children grow up hearing stories about how various adults impacted the town by building this building or coming up with that award winning recipe and they learn to truly appreciate the impact people can have on each other and the future.

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