The Energy we Put Out is the Energy the Universe Returns to Us

Do you pray? Most of us do pray I think. Allot of people tell me they only pray when something bad happens. And then they feel guilty because they have only called on Spirit when times are tough or as a last resort. But that is ok, Spirit does hear you when you pray and loves you regardless.  Sometimes the answer we prayed for is not what we expected. I have learned that Spirit only gives us what is good for us, Not always what we ask for. We are the children of God and God only wants what’s best for us.

I know that when a large number of people are all praying for the same outcome the power is increased, the energy is heightened. This has been proven many times over as a congregation prayers for an ill person to recover for example and the person pulls through. The healing energy put forth when many people pray together is very strong and life altering. I am a strong believer in positive energy.

The universe wants us to succeed on earth and is here to help us. What we have to learn is that whatever energy you put out whether it is prayer or just good will, the Universe returns that energy back to you. So if you put out negativity energy, that is what you will receive back, because that is what the Universe thinks you are asking for. The Universe only gives us what we ask for. So watch what you say. The spoken word is very powerful. Jesus talks about his in the BIble.

 Most people do not understand how the Universal energy works. Sometimes we get in a funk, I mean we have a couple bad days and just cannot snap out of it and start to have a negative attitude. This happens to most of us. We are all only human.

When you realize that this is happening, stop and get an attitude adjustment. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Say to your self, “I Love and Respect Myself” Believe it or not, this is difficult for most people to do. Go to a mirror and say,” I Love and Respect myself”. Its not as easy as you thought is it?

 My sister did this great experiment when she was in school and I never forgot it. Her experiment was to smile at everyone she came in contact with on a daily basis and to see what happened. Would they smile back at her? would they think she was a nut case?  What she learned was most everyone smiled back, regardless of how their day was going. Pretty interesting huh. Try it. What ever energy you put out is the energy you receive back. This is why positive affirmations work. You are telling the Universe that you are a happy positive person and expect positive energy back.

Any time a negative thought comes into your head say to yourself” I am rich beyond my fondest dreams, I have all the limitless substance of God to build with. There is nothing that my mind can conceive of , that I cannot have” This comes from a great book that I have read and recommend, ” The Key to Yourself” By Venice Bloodworth. Another great affirmation to say every day to keep yourself positive in our the fast paced world we live in is :

I am healthy, strong, young, powerful, loving, harmonious, successful and happy.

This is my favorite affirmation. When Negativity starts to creep into your mind, say this affirmation. Also, read the 91st Psalm, this is very helpful. My hope is that whoever reads this will be enlightened.

Many Blessings




2 thoughts on “The Energy we Put Out is the Energy the Universe Returns to Us

    1. Thanks you Lizbeth that means allot to me. My hope is that I can help people in their daily lives.

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