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How to Request a Private Spiritual Reading

Today I want to let you know how to contact me for a Spiritual Reading and what is involved in a Spiritual Reading. I want to make sure you feel comfortable and that you have a pleasant informative experience.
Think about what questions you would like to ask me through Spirit before your appointment. Write them down so that you do not forget what they are.
I will always say a prayer before each Spiritual Reading but you should also say a prayer to your higher power for guidance before hand if you wish.
You need to be clear that it is our higher power answering your questions, not me.
Spirit is working through me to help you in obtain life’s goals and overcome any challenges whatever they may be.
I use a Oracle Deck of cards to assist in your reading. My abilities come from Spirit through me and I am able to interpret the meaning for you.
You are welcome to email me at- or call me directly 505-328-2001 to set up a private session.
Please fee free to leave me a message and I will get back with you as soon as possible.
I will be happy to meet with you in person but many times for convenience reasons I may do a phone reading or use Skype.
I will be happy to take pictures of any card spreads so that you can see for your self what the cards are telling you.
And as side note, the cards do not lie. This is a very accurate way to conduct Spiritual Readings and has been for thousands of years.
My fees are $35.00 for a half hour and $75.00 for a one hour Reading. All client information is confidential.
I am looking forward to working with you.

Many Blessings,



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